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Kent Trumbull students present Earth Day Services

Posted Apr. 25, 2012

Kent State University at Trumbull students gathered on April 19 to present their Earth Day service projects, events or activities to a panel of judges. Over one dozen groups made presentations on various topics ranging from identifying bike routes to aid in helping students get to campus to showcasing how easy it can be for families to make their own rain barrel.

An anonymous donor provided the competitions cash awards with the following breakdown: First place, $200; second place, $125 and third place, $75. A deliberation amongst the judges has begun and winners will be announced at the beginning of May.

Project #1: Done by 1 student
Non-Toxic Cleaning Projects and books for Children
Hours: 26 hrs.
Persons directly impacted by project: 313

Goal was to raise awareness of cleaning with toxic cleaners and the alternatives available to others. Brochures where made to educate readers on non-toxic alternatives to everyday cleaning supplies. 40 brochures were handed out. Spoke in front of 30 people to educate classroom. Created raffle basket with non-toxic cleaning supplies and recipes for natural cleaners. Took donations for anyone wanting to enter the raffle. Raised $30.45. Bought books with money totaling 275 being donated to a local children’s hospital to be given to children. This project mainly focused on reducing toxic chemicals in landfills and recycling books for children to use.

Project #2: Rain Barrel Education: Done by two studentsRain barrels
Hours: 12
Persons directly impacted: 45

Partnered with local city and community to raise awareness about how cheap and effective installing rain barrels can be. A flyer was developed and handed out to individuals to show them how they can make a homemade rain barrel and money as well.

Project #3: Biking versus taking a car: 2 students
Hours: 8
Directly Impacted: 100

100 individuals were polled to ask if they would commute to Campus via a bike. 43 said that they would. Of the 43 that said that they would, students asked where the interested parties would be commuting from. The project planners then constructed bike routes for those that were interested in traveling to take. The project planners found it very difficult to find “safe” routes for all bikers to take.

Project #4: Getting back to the Garden of Eden: 3 students:
Hours: 7
People impacted: 30

Student constructed a “Letter from God” to local churches asking them if they have neglected “…our godly responsibility to keep the earth green? A Facebook video was created. A brochure was made and sent out to churches. A Facebook campaign was also started to spread the word. The letter served as a reminder and wake up call for those in a particular faith community to take care of God’s green earth.

Project #5: Unplugged Concert: 1 person planned
Hours: 30
People impacted: 30

The goal of this event was to prove that you can live/have fun and not consume power or wastes. You can also celebrate a clean earth and be outdoors. A student hosted an unplugged concert that utilized only acoustic instruments. They concert also resulted in a camp out to be one with nature. Concert was great and friends of student project planner had fun!

Project #6: Marine Debris
Hours: 10
People Impacted: 15

Student created brochure on marine debris and how it is a large environmental problem. Brochures mainly focused about the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, as well as providing incentive for not purchasing and throwing away plastic water bottles. Presented in front of small audience.

Project #7 : Spreading the word: 2 students involved
Hours: 20
People impacted: 20

Created educational material to make the public aware of harmful toxins inside store bought toilet bowl, furniture, all-purpose, and class cleaning products.

Project #8: Composting: 3 students
Hours: 20 hours
People Impacted: 20

Goal of project was to encourage fellow students to begin composting their home organic materials in an effort to reduce waste. Gave educational presentation.

Project #9: Shoes and more shoes: 4 student involved
Hours: 15
Impacted: 210

Goal was to reduce amount of athletic shoes in local landfills and to supply needy children with shoes.  Partnered with Nike- reuse a show program and local school athletic programs. 100 pairs of shoes were collected to date. 75% have been recycled and 25% have been donated.

Project #10: Recycling : 1 student
Hours: 10
Impacted: 25

Goal was to educate people on the importance of recycling and to get more involved in recycling, and help local library and school set up an effective recycling plan Partnered with several local organizations.

Additionally, Kent State Trumbull students participated in over 1,000 green acts in celebration of Earth Day 2012.

Last year, Kent State at Trumbull received an honorable mention by the Earth Day Network for its efforts as part of a national competition. This year, the competition has gone international with approximately 300 universities from 51 countries competing to generate the most acts of green at their campuses. Kent Trumbull currently ranks 47.