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Professor Receives NSF Grant Supporting International Collaboration

Posted Jan. 26, 2011
Dr. Hanbin Mao has received a three-year NSF award, Investigation of Novel Telomeric Structures and Their Effects on Human Telomerase (CHE 1026532).  This grant will support an international collaboration between Prof. Hanbin Mao and Prof. Hiroshi Sugiyama (Kyoto University) to identify and characterize novel structures in the human telomere region.  Located at the end of chromosomes, telomere plays a critical role in cancers and senescence.  Identification of novel structures such as G quadruplexes is instrumental to understand the fundamental processes of senescence and the genesis of cancer.  Single molecular techniques, such as laser tweezers and atomic force microscopy, will be used to reveal the presence of these structures and their interactions with ligands and telomerase, the latter of which is an enzyme that maintains telomere length.

 telomere sequence
Telomere Sequence: 5'-(TTAGGG)4