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Trumbull News Detail

Fall 2013 President and Dean's lists released

Posted Jan. 15, 2014

Kent State University at Trumbull today announced the names of those Kent State Trumbull students who have achieved academic recognition via either the President's or Dean's lists for the fall 2013 semester.

Each list is defined by the following criteria:
  • President’s List: In recognition of an extremely high level of academic excellence, a President’s List is compiled each academic semester. To qualify, students must have a 4.000 GPA in the semester and must have completed 15 or more credit hours (all of which must have regular letter grades) by the end of that semester.

  • Dean’s List: In recognition of academic excellence, a Dean’s List is compiled each academic semester. To qualify, students must have a minimum 3.400 GPA in the semester and must have completed 12 or more regular letter-graded credit hours by the end of that semester.

Fall 2013 President's List

Name: City: State:
Campbell, Anjelica G. Warren OH
Chase, Adam D. Jefferson OH
DeFrancesco, Marissa
Cortland OH
Dull, Audra V. Niles OH
Hise, Danielle L. Windsor OH
Killing, Bobbi Jo Warren OH
Laing, Stephen J. Ravenna OH
Milleson, Stacy R. Mineral Ridge OH
Pirko, Kelly N. Lake Milton OH
Prezioso, Amie J. Niles OH
Rogers, Samantha N. Warren OH
Rose, Joanna E. North Bloomfield  

Fall 2013 Dean's List

Name: City: State:
Accordino, Amanda S. Cortland OH
Anderson, Ryan S. Mineral Ridge OH
Andersson, Kristina J. Warren OH
Andujar, Christine M. Youngstown OH
Armstrong, Robert E. Cortland OH
Arquilla, Robert S. Warren OH
Aubihl, Carey M. New Phila. OH
Baker, Brittany K. Andover OH
Baker, Shelby A. Williamsfield OH
Ball, Alanson L. Pierpont OH
Barnhart, Tiffany M. Orwell OH
Barrass, Stevie L. Warren OH
Bassett, Gena B. Warren OH
Baugher, Autumn N. Southington OH
Beach, Jennifer L. Boardman OH
Bell, Allison N. Cortland OH
Bellay, Keri L. Warren OH
Bennett, Donald B. Burghill OH
Berry, Jessica D. Lake Milton OH
Billock, Chelsea M. Youngstown OH
Blum, Benjamin M. Ashtabula OH
Boehm, Kristin A. Warren OH
Boorn, Monica R. N. Bloomfield OH
Bowman, Austin P. Garrettsville OH
Braccini, Brandon L. Warren  OH
Brennan, Catherine A. Cortland OH
Brichetto, Peter Warren OH
Brindley, Zane R. New Phila. OH
Brooks, Dawn M. Warren OH
Brown, David E. Niles OH
Brown, David J. Hubbard OH
Brown, Erica R. Cortland OH
Brozovich, Milan A. Warren OH
Bruckman, Lisa A. Ashtabula OH
Brummer, Melissa A. Warren OH
Buratti, Brandon M. Salem OH
Burris, Tiffany M. Newton Falls OH
Butterworth, Brittany R. New Waterford OH
Cai, Herong M. Solon OH
Caldwell, Tiffany R. Cortland OH
Cartwright, David P. Warren OH
Chambers, Edward Youngstown OH
Chestnut, Michelle D. Warren OH
Chilson, Kristen M. Bristolville OH
Chinchic, Anna E. Cortland OH
Ciferno, Nicholas P. Warren OH
Clemens, William J. Massillon OH
Cook, Samuel L. Warren OH
Cooper, Taylor J. Southington OH
Cope, Rhonda L. Warren OH
Corbin, Rachel L. Warren OH
Corey, Jordan M. Dorset OH
Cowger, Anastasia L. McDonald OH
Crites, Lisa A. Williamsfield OH
Curran, Meghan A. Warren OH
Currence, Rebecca L. Warren OH
Davidson, Matthew D. Newton Falls OH
Davis, Matthew R. Akron OH
Demancsik, Kevin J. Canton OH
Denno, Zoe I. Warren OH
Derringer, Michael D. Alexandria OH
Dikun, Edward Youngstown OH
Donadio, Gina R. Warren OH
Dorsey, Joseph J. Warren OH
Drummond, Dyana M. Austintown OH
Emerine, Natalie L. Warren OH
Farrell, Allison L. Warren OH
Fauvie, Lauren M. Warren OH
Fee, Morgan M. Niles OH
Felger, Whitney N. Cortland OH
Ferchaw, Rebecca A. Newton Falls OH
Fiest, David A. Southington OH
Finch, Caitlin Farmdale OH
Fountadakis, Christine Warren OH
Freeman, Dawna L. Cortland OH
Fumerola, Jacob C. Newton Falls OH
Furbee, Mallory Warren OH
Fusillo, Jami Niles OH
Gagliardi, Anthony V. Girard OH
Germano, Jacqueline Cortland OH
Giering, Megan B. Cortland OH
Gilmartin, Isabella L. Leavittsburg OH
Gilmore, Jacob B. Warren OH
Glaspell, Jason Cortland OH
Glassmeyer, Emily A. Streetsboro OH
Gotti, Gregory M. Warren OH
Graban, Amber D. Kinsman OH
Greeley, Tyler L. Warren OH
Grogg, Edward P. Newell WV
Gromley, Tracey L. Lisbon OH
Guile, Kimberly Ashtabula OH
Gumont, Joseph L. Madison OH
Hacker, Timothy D. Bristolville OH
Hagy, Katie J. Dover OH
Haines, Lindsay C. Warren OH
Hake, Rebecca B. Farmdale OH
Halkovics, Jennifer L. Warren OH
Hall, Frances L. Youngstown OH
Hamilton, Nikayla V. Hubbard OH
Hancovsky, Haley R. W. Farmington OH
Handshue, Shelby L. Garrettsville OH
Hanshaw, Marye L. Warren OH
Harper, Danielle L. Leavittsburg OH
Harrah, Abigail L. Newton Falls OH
Hecker, Travis L. Farmdale OH
Hernandez, Colleen N. Girard OH
Hickle, Michael Youngstown OH
Hill, Brittani N. Warren OH
Hinton, Lindsey J. Niles OH
Hohvart, Michelle R. Warren OH
Holden, Ian E. Newton Falls OH
Holmes, Kasandra R. Kinsman OH
Hovanic, Abigail E. Warren OH
Howard, Ayrek N. New Phila. OH
Howell, Gary T. Warren OH
Hudson, Jennifer L. Fowler OH
Hughes, Seth M. Cortland OH
Hunt, Kayla N. Warren OH
Hunter, Kai W. Warren OH
Jackson, Rochelle R. Massillion OH
John, Lauren E. Windham OH
Johns, Alyssa A. Mineral Ridge OH
Johnson, Michelle R. Warren OH
Jones, Breanna M. Niles OH
Jones, Timothy A. Warren OH
Karenke, Michael J. Warren OH
Katzman, Benjamin A. Cortland OH
Keirsey, Rachel M.

Kennerly, Lauren R. Akron OH
Kirkbride, Jacob A. N. Bloomfield OH
Kochera, Mallory E. Warren OH
Komissarov, Nicole M. Cortland OH
Korda, William T. Salem OH
Kovalchick, Christie N. W. Farmington OH
Kraynak, Brittany D. Warren OH
Latimore, Antuane Youngstown OH
Lawson, Kristen Warren OH
Lee, Ashley N. Bristolville OH
Lemasters, Katherine N. Warren OH
Lesh, Tara L. Cortland OH
Liptrot, Ebony D. Warren OH
Litvak, Christina A. Newton Falls OH
Lloyd, Rachel R. Austintown OH
Lockett, Aikaterini Youngstown OH
Lockwood, Michael S. Newton Falls OH
Logue, Andrea L. Girard OH
Long, Alexander L. Warren OH
Lovas, Alena E. McDonald OH
Loychik, Paige K. Warren OH
Markle, Paul E. Cortland OH
Marks, Amanda J. Warren OH
Marshall, Katelyn A. Farmdale OH
Martorana, Shannon L. Warren OH
Mauerman, Bethanie J. Warren OH
McCann, Erin N. Cortland OH
McCarthy, Jessica D. Hubbard OH
McClellan, Caitlin M. Warren OH
McFall, Joshua A. W. Farmington OH
McGilbra, Sara D. Aurora OH
Meszaros, Sharon Cortland OH
Meteney, Barbara K. Austintown OH
Milite, Nichole M. Chagrin Falls OH
Miller, Fannie A. N. Bloomfield OH
Miller, Lindsey M. Kinsman OH
Miller, Matthew M. Cortland OH
Milligan, Brandon Warren OH
Mirto, Candace L. Canfield OH
Molnar, Nathaniel G. Garrettsvile OH
Montez, Christina M. Garrettsville OH
Morgart, James A. Tallmadge OH
Morrall, Tyler D. Warren OH
Morris, Anthony W. Cortland OH
Morris, Richard C. Warren OH
Morrow, Wade M. Beloit OH
Mortimer, Chad J. Ravenna OH
Munson, Curtis M. Warren OH
Naylor, Christopher D. Bristolville OH
Neu, Daniel A. Garrettsville OH
Nickell, David M. Niles OH
Noce, Amanda J. Warren OH
O'Connor, Stephanie N. Warren OH
Olson, Brandon J. Atwater OH
O'Rourke, Christopher D. Cortland OH
Ortiz, Erica L. Youngstown OH
O'Shields, Cody J. Ravenna OH
O'Shields, Kimberly L. Kent OH
Paridon, Brianna L. Niles OH
Parkhurst, Alysha M. Warren OH
Patterson, Alizabeth T. Cortland OH
Paulus, Carly M. Ravenna OH
Pavolillo, Ashley M. Warren OH
Peace, Chadwick H. Leavittsburg OH
Peeples, Marka D. Warren OH
Penn, LeAnn M. Cortland OH
Penzera, Amanda L. Rootstown OH
Perry, Gregory R. Cortland OH
Perry, Michalene L. Sharon PA
Pesa, Amy B. Girard OH
Plott, Zachary C. W. Farmington OH
Poulis, Alexandra K. Cortland OH
Powell, Mariah J. Warren OH
Racz, Amanda N. Warren OH
Ramos, Emily M. Hiram OH
Reeder, Dawn M. Warren OH
Reid, Stephanie J. Hubbard OH
Richards, Renee H. Alliance OH
Riggle, Anna Maria Warren OH
Ritchie, Keli L. Austintown OH
Rogozan, Jessica L. Niles OH
Romeo, Ashley J. Canfield OH
Romigh, William S. Southington OH
Russo, Jason C. Brookfield OH
Sabelli, Vincenzo S. Lorain OH
Sackett, Ryan A. Hermitage PA
Sanders, Tiffany L. Ravenna OH
Sandrella, Nicole E. Warren OH
Sandy, Norma J. Middlefield OH
Santoro, Michael A. Campbell OH
Schnarrs, Kyle J. Vienna OH
Scott, Amy H. Geneva OH
Scott, Michelle L. Orwell OH
Seals, Samantha M. Warren OH
Seminara, Nicole J. Niles OH
Shively, Bradyn M. Warren OH
Sicilian, Steven J. Girard OH
Simpson, Adam W. Garrettsville OH
Smith, Bryan A. Warren OH
Smith, Erica M. W. Farmington OH
Smith, Lance T. Windham OH
Snyder, John M. Bristolville OH
Somerville, Tori L. Cortland OH
Sowa, Dylan C. Warren OH
Stevens, Courtney R. Warren OH
Stipanovich, Alexis J. Austintown OH
Stull, Taylor D. Cortland OH
Stumpo, Maria A. McDonald OH
Such, Winfield W. Andover OH
Sunderman, Jordyn L. Warren OH
Suszczynski, Rachael A. Youngstown OH
Svoboda, Samantha J. Ravenna OH
Swartzwelder, Benjamin E. Dover OH
Tackett, Diamond M. McDonald OH
Talanca, Adam Warren OH
Taylor, Autumn M. Niles OH
Teffner, Scott L. Ravenna OH
Tenney, Michelle D. Warren OH
Thompson, Angela D. Youngstown OH
Thorn, Christopher G. Burghill OH
Triol, Tiffany L. Warren OH
Tyndall, Mary E. Warren OH
Vo, Bonnie J. Canton OH
Wade, April J. Orwell OH
Wade, Cindy M. Cortland OH
Wagner, Alison E. Warren OH
Wagner, Kayla D. Kent OH
Walker, Maria Ashtabula OH
Waltermire, Brittany L. Leavittsburg OH
Ward, Emily J. Cortland OH
Watson, Matthew T. Cortland OH
Wegmiller, Debra S.

Wehry, Catherine J. Stow OH
Weible, Kimberly S. Girard OH
White, Michael J. Fowler OH
Whitmore, Adrien J. Ravenna OH
Wilson, Nicole S. Niles OH
Wise, Kelsey N. Lake Milton OH
Wood, Jaclyn R. Niles OH
Woodrum, Charles A. Cortland OH
Wrikeman, Eric C. New Waterford OH
York, Matthew T. Southington OH
Zeleny, Adreanne R. Newton Falls OH
Zepernick, Nathan R. Warren OH

Questions or concerns regarding these lists should be directed to the Office of Enrollment Management & Student Services at 330-675-8860.