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COMPASS Placement Test FAQ


Your educational connection begins with an assessment of your basic skills. COMPASS, a self-paced computer placement test of basic skills, measures how well you understand what you read, how well you use the English language, and how well you use mathematics.

How do I register to take COMPASS?

To register for COMPASS, please call Student Services at 330.675.8860.

What does COMPASS include?

The computerized placement test is divided into three sections: reading, writing, and mathematics. We may ask some students to complete a writing sample or an additional mathematics assessment.

What if COMPASS reveals a need to improve basic skills in some area?

If the COMPASS placement test shows a need for specific coursework, the University will require students to successfully complete those designated courses. Kent Trumbull offers several courses designed to improve academic skills. College credit is awarded for these courses; however, their application toward meeting degree requirements varies by program. Coursework connections available to students who are in need of academic support include:

  • Introduction to College Writing - S (ENG 11001)

  • Developmental Mathematics (MATH 10004)

  • Introduction to College Math (MATH 10005)

  • Reading Strategies for College Success (US 10003)

  • Study Strategies for College Success (US 10006)


To succeed in college, you must be able to comprehend and to study textbooks, lecture notes, and other materials. You must be able to analyze information and pick out the essential parts; you must be able to paraphrase and to realize the importance of inference in determining the meaning of written or spoken text.

For the reading assessment, you will be asked to read several passages and then answer questions about them. Click here for sample reading passages.


College work frequently requires you to put your thoughts and ideas into the writing of essays, papers, research projects, reports, and exams. Your writing must be logical, organized, and coherent.

For the writing assessment, you will be shown essays and be asked to correct them so that each passage reflects standard English usage.

The computer screen will allow you to move back and forth between each essay and the questions before you determine your final answers both on the reading and on the writing assessments. Click here for sample writing passages.


Your major almost certainly will include at least one course in mathematics. Since mathematics is an integral part of courses in any major, you should know how to use basic algebra, percents, decimals, fractions, and whole numbers. A calculator is provided in the COMPASS program; however, this is the only calculator that you may use. We will provide scratch paper for doing computations.

The mathematics assessment begins in basic algebra and then adapts to your individual skill level.  Click here to view sample problems


Following your placement testing, you will meet with an academic adviser who will share your COMPASS results and connect you with the courses in which you will have the best chance for success. If you have questions, ASK!

For more information, contact Ms. Elaine Shively, Coordinator of Academic Services 330.675.8932